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Experimental demonstration and tolerancing of a large-scale neural network (165,000 synapses), using phase-change memory as the synaptic weight element / Burr, G.W. ,  Shelby, R.M.,  Di Nolfo, C.,  Jang, J.W.,  Shenoy, R.S.,  Narayanan, P.,  Virwani, K.,  Giacometti, E.U.,  Kurdi, B.,  Hwang, H. / 2014 60th IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, IEDM 2014 


Electrical and Reliability Characteristics of a Scaled (~30nm) Tunnel Barrier Selector (W/Ta2O5/TaOx/TiO2/TiN) with Excellent Performance (JMAX > 107A/cm2) / Jiyong Woo, Jeonghwan Song, Kibong Moon, Ji hyun Lee, Euijun Cha, Amit Prakash, Daeseok Lee, Sangheon Lee, Jaesung Park, Yunmo Koo, Chan gyung Park, Hyunsang Hwang / 2014 Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits 

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