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Ferroelectricity-induced resistive switching in Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3/Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3/Nb-doped SrTiO3 epitaxial heterostructure / Sharif Md. Sadaf, El Mostafa Bourim, Xinjun Liu, Sakeb Hasan Choudhury, Dong-Wook Kim, and Hyunsang Hwang / Applied Physics Letters 100(11), 113505 (201203)   

Co-occurrence of Threshold Switching and Memory Switching in Pt/NbOx/Pt Cells for Cross point Memory Applications / Xinjun Liu, Sharif Md. Sadaf, Myungwoo Son, Jubong Park, Jungho Shin, Wootae Lee, Kyungah Seo, Daeseok Lee, and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters 33(2), pp.236-238 (201202) 

Feasibility Study of Mo/SiO​x/Pt Resistive Random Access Memory in Inverter Circuit for FPGA Applications / Sangsu Park, Jungho Shin, Salvatore Cimino, Seungjae Jung, Joonmyoung Lee, Seonghyun Kim, Jubong Park, Wootae Lee, Myungwoo Son, Byunghun Lee, Luigi Pantisano, and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters 32 (12), art. no. 6056548, pp. 1665-1667 (2011.12) 


Proton Irradiation Effects on Resistive Random Access Memory With ZrO​x/HfO​x Stacks / Daeseok Lee, Joonmyoung Lee, Seungjae Jung, Seonghyun Kim, Jubong Park, K. P. Biju, Minhyeok Choe, Takhee Lee, and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (TNS) VOL. 58, NO. 6 (2011.12)


Diode-less bilayer oxide (WO​x–NbO​x) device for cross-point resistive memory applications / Xinjun Liu, Sharif Md Sadaf, Myungwoo Son, Jungho Shin, Jubong Park, Joonmyoung Lee, Sangsu Park, Hyunsang Hwang / Nanotechnology 22 (47), art. no. 475702 (2011.11.25) 


Excellent resistive switching in nitrogen-doped Ge​2Sb​2Te​5 devices for field-programmable gate array configurations / Seonghyun Kim, Jubong Park, Seungjae Jung, Wootae Lee, Jiyong Woo, Chunhum Cho, Manzar Siddik, Jungho Shin, Sangsu Park, Byoung-Hun Lee, Hyunsang Hwang / Applied Physics Letters 99 (19), art. no. 192110 (2011.11.07) 


Memristive switching behavior in Pr​0.7Ca​0.3MnO​3 by incorporating oxygen deficient layer / Sangsu Park, Seungjae Jung, Manzar Siddik, Minseok Jo, Joonmyoung Lee, Jubong Park, Wootae Lee, Seonghyun Kim, Sharif Md. Sadaf, Xinjun Liu, Hyunsang Hwang / Rapid Research Letter in physica status solidi (RRL) Volume 5, Issue 10-11, pages 409–411 (2011.11). Cover Picture Article.


Excellent Selector Characteristics of Nanoscale VO​2 for High-density Bipolar ReRAM Applications / Myungwoo Son, Joonmyoung Lee, Jubong Park, Jungho Shin, Godeuni Choi, Seungjae Jung, Wootae Lee, Seonghyun Kim, Sangsu Park, and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters VOL. 32, NO. 11,1579-1581 (2011.11) 


Effect of Ge​2Sb​2Te​5 Thermal Barrier on Reset Operations in Filament-engine Resistive Memory / Wootae Lee, Manzar Siddik, Seungjae Jung, Jubong Park, Seonghyun Kim, Jungho Shin, Joonmyoung Lee, Sangsu Park, Myungwoo Son, and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters VOL. 32, NO. 11. 1573-1575 (2011.11) 


Effect of interfacial oxide layer on the switching uniformity of Ge​2Sb​2Te​5-based resistive change memory devices / Jiyong Woo, Seungjae Jung, Manzar Siddik, Euijun Cha, Sharif Md Sadaf, Hyunsang Hwang / Applied Physics Letters 99, 162109 (2011.10.17) 


Flexible resistive random access memory using solution-processed TiO​x with Al top electrode on Ag layer-inserted indium-zinc-tin-oxide-coated polyethersulfone substrate / Seungjae Jung, Jaemin Kong, Sunghoon Song, Kwanghee Lee, Takhee Lee, Hyunsang Hwang, and Sanghun Jeon / Applied Physics Letters 99 (14), art. no. 142110 (2011.10.03) 


Characterization of Resistive Switching States in W/Pr​0.7Ca​0.3MnO​3 for a Submicron (φ 250 nm) Via-Hole Structure / Manzar Siddik, Kuyyadi P. Biju, Xinjun Liu, Joonmyoung Lee, Insung Kim, Seonghyun Kim, Wootae Lee, Seungjae Jung, Daeseok Lee, Sharif Sadaf, and Hyunsang Hwang / Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 50 (2011) 105802 (4 pages) (2011.10) 


Resistive switching characteristics and mechanism of thermally grown WO​x thin films / Kuyyadi P. Biju, Xinjun Liu, Manzar Siddik, Seonghyun Kim, Jungho Shin, Insung Kim, Alex Ignatiev, and Hyunsang Hwang / Journal of Applied Physics 110 (6), art. no. 064505 (2011.09.15) 


Parallel memristive filaments model applicable to bipolar and filamentary resistive switching / Xinjun Liu, Kuyyadi P. Biju, Joonmyoung Lee, Jubong Park, Seonghyun Kim, Sangsu Park, Jungho Shin, Sharif Md. Sadaf, Hyunsang Hwang / Applied Physics Letters 99 (11), art. no. 113518 (2011.09.12) 


Electrical characteristics of wrinkle-free graphene formed by laser graphitization of 4H-SiC / Hyeon Jun Hwang, Chunhum Cho, Sung Kwan Lim, Seung Yong Lee, Chang Goo Kang, Hyunsang Hwang, and Byoung Hun Lee / Applied Physics Letters 99 (8), art. no. 082111 (2011.08.22) 


Thermally Assisted Resistive Switching in Pr​0.7Ca​0.3MnO​3/Ti/Ge​2Sb​2Te​5 Stack for Nonvolatile Memory Applications / Manzar Siddik, Seungjae Jung, Jubong Park, Wootae Lee, Seonghyun Kim, Joonmyoung Lee, Jungho Shin, Sangsu Park, Daeseok Lee, Insung Kim, Hyunsang Hwang / Applied Physics Letters 99, 063501 (2011.08.08) 


Forming-free CuC-Buffer Oxide Resistive Switching Behavior with Improved Resistance Ratio / Seonghyun Kim, Minseok Jo, Jubong Park, Joonmyoung Lee, Wootae Lee, Hyunsang Hwang / Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters 14 (8), pp. H322-H325 (2011.08) 


Highly asymmetric bipolar resistive switching in solution-processed Pt/TiO​2/W devices for cross-point application / Kuyyadi P. Biju, Xinjun Liu, Jungho Shin, Insung Kim, Seungjae Jung, Manzar Siddik, Joonmyoung Lee, Alex Ignatiev, Hyunsang Hwang / Current Applied Physics 11 (4 SUPPL.), pp. S102-S106 (2011.07) 


Low temperature solution-processed graphene oxide/Pr​0.7Ca​0.3MnO​3 based resistive-memory device / Insung Kim, Manzar Siddik, Jungho Shin, Kuyyadi P Biju, Seungjae Jung, Hyunsang Hwang / Applied Physics Letters 99, 042101 (2011.07.25) 


Estimation of Interfacial Fixed Charge at Al​2O​3/SiO​2 Using Slant-Etched Wafer for Solar Cell Application / Youngkyoung Ahn, Sakeb Hasan Choudhury, Daeseok Lee, Sharif Md. Sadaf, Manzar Siddik, Minseok Jo, Hyunsang Hwang, Sungeun Park, Young Do Kim, Dong Hwan Kim / Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 50 (7 PART 1), art. no. 071503 (2011.07)