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Self-Limited CBRAM With Threshold Selector for 1S1R Crossbar Array Applications / Jeonghwan Song , Jiyong Woo , Seokjae Lim , Solomon Amsalu Chekol, and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters 38 (11),  pp. 1532-1535(201709)
Automatic ReRAM SPICE Model Generation From Empirical Data for Fast ReRAM-Circuit Coevaluation / Jaehyun Seo, Sangheon Lee, Kwangmin Kim, Student Member, IEEE, Sooeun Lee, Student Member, IEEE, Hyunsang Hwang, Senior Member, IEEE, and Byungsub Kim, Senior Member, IEEE / IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems 25(6),7840076, pp. 1821-1830 (201706)
Reduced off-current of NbO2 by thermal oxidation of polycrystalline Nb wire / Solomon Amsalu Chekol, Jeonghwan Song, Jaehyuk Park, Euijun Cha, Seokjae Lim, and Hyunsang Hwang / ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 6 (9) P641-P64 (201709)
Linking Conductive Filament Properties and Evolution to Synaptic Behavior of RRAM Devices for Neuromorphic Applications / Jiyong Woo, Andrea Padovani, Kibong Moon, Myounghun Kwak, Luca Larcher, and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters  38 (9),  pp. 1220-1223 (201709)
Effects of Liner Thickness on the Reliability of AgTe/TiO2-Based Threshold Switching Devices / Jeonghwan Song, Jiyong Woo, Jongmyung Yoo, Solomon Amsalu Chekol, Seokjae Lim, Changhyuck Sung, and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices  Volume 64 Issue 11, pp.4763 - 4767 (201709)
Field-induced nucleation in threshold switching characteristics of electrochemical metallization devices / Jongmyung Yoo, Jaehyuk Park, Jeonghwan Song, Seokjae Lim, and Hyunsang Hwang / Applied Physics Letters 111(6),063109 (201707)
Excellent Threshold Selector Characteristics of Cu2S-based Atomic Switch Device / Seokjae Lim, Jiyong Woo, and Hyunsang Hwang / ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology vol. 6 no. 9 P586-P588(201708)
Dual functionality of threshold and multilevel resistive switching characteristics in nanoscale HfO2-based RRAM devices for artificial neuron and synapse elements / Jiyong Woo, Dongwook Lee, Yunmo Koo, Hyunsang Hwang / Microelectronic Engineering Volume 182, 5 October 2017, Pages 42-45(201710)
Nanometer-Scale Phase Transformation Determines Threshold and Memory Switching Mechanism / Byeong-Gyu Chae, Jae-Bok Seol,* Jeong-Hwan Song, Kyungjoon Baek, Sang-Ho Oh, Hyunsang Hwang,* and Chan-Gyung Park / Advanced Materials 29(30),1701752 (201708)
Multi-layered NiOy/NbOx/NiOy fast drift-free threshold switch with high on/off ratio for selector application / Jaehyuk Park, Tobias Hadamek, Agham B. Posadas, Euijun Cha, Alexander A. Demkov & Hyunsang Hwang / Scientific Reports 7(1),4068 (201706)
Effect of a self-limited reset operation on the reset breakdown characteristics of a monolithically integrated 1T1R RRAM / Changhyuck Sung, Jeonghwan Song, Jiyong Woo, and Hyunsang Hwang / ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology 6 (7) P440-P442(201706)
Improved Conductance Linearity and Conductance Ratio of 1T2R Synapse Device for Neuromorphic Systems / Kibong Moon, Myounghoon Kwak, Jaesung Park, Dongwook Lee, and Hyunsang Hwang /  IEEE Electron Device Letters 38(8), pp1023-1026 (201708)
HfZrOx -Based Ferroelectric Synapse Device With 32 Levels of Conductance States for Neuromorphic Applications  / Seungyeol Oh, Taeho Kim, Myunghoon Kwak, Jeonghwan Song, Jiyong Woo, Sanghun Jeon, In Kyeong Yoo and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters  38 (6), 7912345, pp. 732-735 (201706)
Simple Binary Ovonic Threshold Switching Material SiTe and Its Excellent Selector Performance for High-Density Memory Array Application / Yunmo Koo, Sangmin Lee, Seonggeon Park, Minkyu Yang, and Hyunsang Hwang / IEEE Electron Device Letters  38(5),7883863, pp. 568-571(201705)
Controllable quantized conductance for multilevel data storage applications using conductive bridge random access memory / Fekadu Gochole Aga, Jiyong Woo, Jeonghwan Song, Jaehyuk Park, Seokjae Lim, Changhyuck Sung and Hyunsang Hwang / Nanotechnology 28 (11), 115707 (201702)
Neuromorphic computing using non-volatile memory / Geoffrey W Burr, Robert M Shelby, Abu Sebastian, Sangbum Kim, Seyoung Kim, Severin Sidler, Kumar Virwani, Masatoshi Ishii, Pritish Narayanan, Alessandro Fumarola, Lucas L Sanches, Irem Boybat, Manuel Le Gallo, Kibong Moon, Jiyoo Woo, Hyunsang Hwang, Yusuf Leblebici / Advances in Physics: X 2(1), pp. 89–124 (201701)
In situ TEM observation on the interface-type resistive switching by electrochemical redox reactions at a TiN/PCMO interface / Kyungjoon Baek, Sangsu Park, Jucheol Park, Young-Min Kim, Hyunsang Hwang, and Sang Ho Oh,   / Nanoscale 9 (2), pp. 582-593 (201701)