Semiconductor Integrated Device & Process Lab.


The 21st century is the time when the importance of semiconductors is emphasized more than ever before.
Digital society in the 21st century is being created by semiconductor.
We will continue to strive for better technology.


Ferroelectric materials for neuromorphic computing / S. Oh, H. Hwang, and I. K. Yoo / APL Materials 7(9),091109 (201909) 

Quantized Conduction Device with 6‐Bit Storage Based on Electrically Controllable Break Junctions / Writam Banerjee, Hyunsang Hwang / Advanced Electronic Materials 1900744 (201909) 

One transistor-two resistive RAM device for realizing bidirectional and analog neuromorphic synapse devices / Seokjae Lim, Myounghoon Kwak, and Hyunsang Hwang / Nanotechnology 30 (2019) 455201 (201908)